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​2022-2023 Class Offerings​

The Attitude Arts Academy is an accessible, affordable, and flexible arts school. Classes run from August to June, and students have the opportunity to perform twice each year.  All classes for the 2022-2023 year are being offered in person only, with the exception of private lessons and acrylic painting.  Masks are optional, unless deemed necessary by a local, state, or national health institution. In the event of organizational closure due to COVID, all classes will be offered online, at a reduced price, until it is safe to reopen for in person instruction:
Dance Classes:

Introduction to Ballet, Tap, & Tumbling (ages 3-7):

This creative dance class is designed specifically for three to seven year olds!  The basic fundamentals of ballet and tap dance are taught, with a focus on fine motor skill development. Students also learn beginner gymnastics skills, with tumbling and balance beam. Students will participate in improv activities, creative movement, imaginative activities, classroom skills, following directions, and listening, and will participate in two productions each year. 

Ballet I & Tap Combo Class (ages 4-8): 

Students will learn classical ballet techniques and terminology, as well as, beginner tap dance skills in this class. Imaginative and creative dance are combined with correct placement and terminology. Students will participate in two performances each year, learning a dance in both ballet and tap to perform. 

Ballet II: (ages 7+): 

This is a beginner/intermediate level ballet class, focusing on technique and strength. A strong focus is placed on correct placement, alignment, technique, and terminology.  This course includes ballet barre and centre combinations. This class is mixed ages and levels, as Ballet III students are required to participate in Level II Ballet Class.  This overlap allows beginner level students to strive for success, as well as, reinforcing advanced students' knowledge and understanding of basic steps.

Ballet III/Pre-Pointe/Pointe: (ages 9+): 

Students enrolled in Ballet III/Pre-Pointe must also participate in Ballet II Class each week. Students require instructor permission to participate in this class, and may be younger than the recommended age. Students are progressed when they are ready, not based on age. Pre-pointe shoes are allowed only for students ages 9+, with a minimum of 3 years of ballet training. Pointe shoes will not be considered until the individual student is ready to advance - no earlier than age 12. 

Tap II & Hip-Hop Combo Class (ages 6+):

Our tap classes are designed to help students develop rhythm, style, and sound.  Students will learn a variety of tap dance styles, from soft shoe to Broadway!  Exercises may include a barre warm-up, centre work, and steps across-the-floor, with an emphasis on building flexibility of the ankle and knees, coordination, and speed.  Proper technique, clear sounds, and speed will be determining factors for when students are ready to progress. All Tap students will participate in class together, focusing on the fundamentals. The last 10-15 minutes of class will be for intermediate/advanced students, to work on challenge steps.


This course also includes hip-hop instruction. Students learn the Mr. Chris Hip-Hop Hits Curriculum, including follow along songs, which are fun and instructive for students of all ages and levels. Additional steps are taught from different curricula   ​​

Creative Arts Classes:
Arts & Crafts (ages 4+):

Join us for our weekly craft class. Students will focus on fine motor skills as they color, cut, and glue weekly. 

Acrylic Painting (ages 5+): 

Our most popular art class is acrylic painting! Join us each week, in person or online, as we create follow-along style masterpieces. Parent participation is encouraged for at home learners. 

Music Classes:
Children's Choir (ages 4+):

This class is all about singing, pitch, rhythm, and beat. Students will learn singing and breathing techniques, and will have opportunities to perform throughout the year. 

Piano (ages 5+):

Piano is a group class for our beginner level piano students. This class will utilize traditional music theory curriculum. Students will have the opportunity to perform twice each year. Students do not need to bring their own instrument each week, but should have a keyboard or piano to practice at home. We encourage 5-10 minutes of daily practice for this class. 

Guitar I (ages 7+): 

Group Guitar I is designed for beginner level students - those who have minimal to no prior experience. All guitar basics will be taught in this class - the parts of the instrument, tuning, string names, playing individual strings, and simple chords. Students should have their own instrument, and bring it with them to class each week. Please ensure the instrument is the correct size for the student. If you have questions about guitar sizing, please speak with our instructor. We do have guitars on hand for students wishing to try the class, before investing in an instrument of their own. 

Guitar II (ages 10+):

This class requires approval from our music instructor. Students should be able to name all parts of the guitar, the strings, read sheet music and chord charts, and know a minimum of 8-10 chords. Finger style and classical guitar style are taught in Guitar II. 

Electric Guitar (ages 9+):

Electric guitar is an intermediate level class, and focuses on power chords, strings, and classic rock and roll. Students should bring their own instrument and amp each week. 

Strings:  Violin\Cello\Mandolin (ages 5+): 

Our strings class is offered for students interested in learning violin, cello, mandolin, and other string instruments. This ensemble class welcomes students of all levels.   

Martial Arts Classes:
Tae Kwon Do (ages 4-Adult):

Taekwondo is one of the most systematic and scientific Korean traditional martial arts, that teaches more than physical fighting skills. It is a discipline that shows ways of enhancing our spirit and life through training our body and mind. Anyone may learn this discipline, and classes will be available for children and adults.

Tumbling (ages 3+):

We are so excited to offer two tumbling classes this year!  Our tumbling classes advance with the level of each individual student. Students will practice appropriate level skills, from beginner to advanced, as they work one-on-one with our lead instructor. This course focuses on tumbling, jumps, and balance beam.  Bar skills are also taught for our students ages 7 and under. 

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